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Dr. Barker Explains Bronchiectasis


Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Bronchiectasis: The Role of Airway Clearance Therapy My name is Dr. Alan Barker. I'm a professor of Respiratory Medicine at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland Oregon. I've been on the faculty and in clinical practice for 41 years. I have been [...]

Dr. Barker Explains Bronchiectasis2019-02-01T20:41:19+00:00

Getting Started with AffloVest


Getting Started with Your AffloVest Fitting your AffloVest Properly The shoulder straps are designed to ensure proper placement of the AffloVest on the torso. To adjust the length of the AffloVest, snap in the should straps at the desired setting to fit the length of your torso. It's recommended that [...]

Getting Started with AffloVest2019-02-01T20:40:19+00:00
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