Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation

The Legacy Foundation is about inspiring people with cystic fibrosis to live fully and dream big in spite of the challenges they face every day. The Legacy Project has partnered with International Biophysics Corporation, manufacturer of the AffloVest®, to deliver their next generation equipment to people with cystic fibrosis, commonly referred to as CF warriors, across the country so that they can live their dreams, give to others and live their lives while keeping up with our treatments.

The AffloVest provides airway clearance treatment without the burden of attached tubes or a generator. It offers freedom for people with cystic fibrosis to live their lives while doing treatment. That gift of time each and every day also contributes to the treatment compliance, which is crucial to optimal health. The Legacy Foundation is giving an AffloVest to one person in each of the 50 states. They have received several hundred applications and heard numerous stories from some of the strongest people living every day with this disease. These are people with big dreams for the future who are strong, fun, optimistic and selfless. People who share with others what they’ve learned from their journey so far. They’re leaving a remarkable legacy. Join us on this journey across all 50 states. Watch each warrior story unfold at

Read the testimonials and watch the two videos below of the Florida and Pennsylvania AffloVest recipients and how receiving an AffloVest has made an impact on their quality of life daily. To learn more about the Legacy Foundation, visit their website at 

Christopher Ricardo Testimonial – Florida AffloVest Recipient 

“Hey, this is Christopher Ricardo, the AffloVest recipient for the state of Florida. I take AffloVest with me everywhere. I love it. It’s absolutely just great for anything on the go and great for the house for when I need it, so I do not actually use my old vest. I have noticed the difference [between my old, compression-style vest and AffloVest] . One obviously there’s no wires, no cords. Huge difference. The second main thing is I feel like I’m getting a lot better treatment. I feel like it’s more efficient. I just feel like I can do other things better when I’m on AffloVest. I feel like I can breathe my medication deeper, for example Pulmozyme® or Hypertonic Saline, so that helps.”

“I’m feeling great. I just had a doctor’s appointment last December and the last time I checked; my lung scores went up. I went up 14 percent, I was at 80 and I’m at 94 percent lung function using the AffloVest as well as [with] Trikafta® . AffloVest has a huge influence and a part in that being the number that it is so I’m very grateful to have it.”

“I take it everywhere with me when I go on road trips and when I go on camping trips or other things like that. My favorite AffloVest memory is probably when I went to Orlando with my best friends. I was really tired. We had to drive back to Miami after a long trip in Orlando. It was early in the morning. And I used the AffloVest in the car on my way back to Miami, a four-hour car ride. An hour into the drive, I realized I haven’t done therapy. And this is a perfect opportunity for me to use the AffloVest in the car. That was probably my favorite AffloVest memory because it’s just like really clicked. This thing can do it all. Like I said, it makes things a lot easier for me. It makes things quicker in the morning. I do admit sometimes when I need to sleep in for school and I don’t want to wake up an hour earlier to go to school, I take it in the car along with my nebulizer because I have an outlet [for my nebulizer] in the car and I do my treatment on the way to school, and it just saves a lot of time. I’m very grateful to have it.”

“Overall, the AffloVest has been a life changer. It’s not just because it’s quick, it’s easy, or it’s simple. It does great therapy. And I’m truly grateful to have it.”

Ryan Dunbar Testimonial – Father of Pennsylvania Recipients Penelope and Amelia Dunbar

“They [Penelope and Amelia] are good, doing really well, Amelia is almost nine, Penelope is almost five. Penelope has never had an admission. Amelia has only ever had one. They’re both active, healthy kids. [They] never think anything of it. So they’re both doing great.  [Their] quality of life has absolutely improved. I can mark the point when we received the AffloVest where things actually start to get better for us as a family, which is amazing because you wouldn’t think that receiving a piece of medical equipment could do that.”

“But really what it did was it allowed them to have so much more freedom, not only in their small space, like at home or in the house, but we can just jump in the car, and be gone all day, and not worry about where we’re going to stop and where we’re going. We don’t have to worry about appropriate places to stop. They can wear it while they eat, while they travel, they can wear it in the car. Our quality of life has increased significantly because we don’t have to stop. So they’re able to just keep going and just never have to pause for a treatment. They can just do the treatment while they are living their daily life.”

“My favorite memory obviously would just be [Penelope] getting it from you [International Biophysics] and Colton and the surprise of getting a second one [for Amelia]. My second favorite memory is probably Amelia warming up at basketball. She does dance and basketball. And between games we only had about a 20-minute gap. So, she walked out of dance. She threw on her AffloVest, did puffs, jumped in the truck and we drove over to her basketball game. And a treatment takes 30 minutes. We had 20 and there’s a ten-minute warmup. So, while she was warming up for basketball, she was wearing her AffloVest and her full basketball gear. She had her AffloVest on, and she was shooting hoops and her treatment ended right at the buzzer for them to end warmups. And she handed me her AffloVest and ran over and they started the game. So that was pretty amazing! She absolutely would not have been able to do it with her old vest.”

“We definitely are more compliant [with treatments] because the AffloVest is easier to do. So that’s a huge, huge deal for the girls. They can describe to you how the vibrations feel different.  Rather than shaking the whole body or shaking areas. It’s a more intense, pinpointed shake. And they’ve been able to describe that to me. They’d much prefer the AffloVest. They just have more freedom.”