Getting Started with Your AffloVest

Helpful Instructions to Start Your Treatment

Fitting your AffloVest Properly

The shoulder straps are designed to ensure proper placement of the AffloVest on the torso. To adjust the length of the AffloVest, snap in the should straps at the desired setting to fit the length of your torso. It’s recommended that you always start with the lowest row of snaps, which is the shortest setting and work up  from there. The AffloVest should fit higher rather than lower and your arms should rest comfortably at your side and should not bind in the armpit. If the lower strap is protruding into the neck move the outside snap up one row to offset it with the inside snap. This will not change the length but will pull the lower strap away from the neck.

The front straps of the AffloVest can be adjusted by buckling them and then pulling on the strap while holding the opposite side with the other hand. Once all three straps are buckled they can be readjusted one at a time. The AffloVest should fit snugly but does not have to be tight. If you unsnap the shoulder straps the AffloVest should not slide down your torso. These straps are designed to hold the vest in place during therapy.

Operating Your AffloVest

The power button for the AffloVest is located at the upper right corner of the controller. To turn the AffloVest on, press and hold the power button down for three to five seconds until the display lights up. Once the display cycles through the start up menu it’ll go to the main menu. Then your AffloVest is ready to use. To turn the vest off, press and hold the power button down for three to five seconds until the display turns off. The AffloVest will automatically power off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Changing the Therapy Mode

The mode buttons are located to the left of the display on the controller. To choose the mode of operation manually press the desired mode button on the controller. There are three most to choose from. P is for percussion. V is for vibration and D is for drainage.   When you press the P, V or D button it will highlight the word mode on the display and switch to that mode. Once the mode you want to run is selected, press the play button, which is located in the middle of the left right and up down arrow buttons on the bottom of the controller to start or stop your therapy in that mode. The mode can be switched while the AffloVest is running as well.

Changing the Intensity

To choose the intensity manually, press the desired intensity button on the right side of the display on the controller. When you press the button it will highlight the word intensity on the display and change to the setting you’ve chosen. Once the intensity is set. Press the play pause button on the bottom of the controller start your therapy at that intensity. There are three intensities to choose from low which is five hertz or five pulses per second medium which is 13 hertz or 13 pulses per second and high which is 20 hertz or 20 pulses for a second. The intensity can be switched while the vest is running as well.

Cleaning the AffloVest

The AffloVest should be cleaned on a regular basis. Never submerge the vest in any liquid. The best way to clean your AffloVest at home is to use Lysol or Clorox wipes to wipe the vest down.  First remove the controller from the pouch and ensure the power is turned off. Next disconnect and remove the battery from the zipper compartment, unsnap the shoulder straps and front straps and leave the vest open. Wipe the entire inside of the AffloVest down including all of the black webbing, turning the vest over to wipe the entire outside including inside the pouch and zippered compartment. Be sure to wipe the straps and buckles down as well.