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Traveling made easy with AffloVest

Break free from restrictions, take airway clearance therapy new places!

As the first truly portable, battery-operated HFCWO therapy vest, AffloVest was specifically engineered and designed to give patients freedom and mobility while doing their therapy. AffloVest is designed to deliver seamless mobility, without the constriction of bulky hoses and generators found in other therapies to help improve the quality of life for patients with Cystic Fibrosis, Bronchiectasis and other respiratory diseases.

With portability in mind, patients can now live a more active and mobile lifestyle. No more taking time out of life and planning your days around therapy and treatments, the AffloVest gives you a whole new lifestyle, on the go!  Because the AffloVest is battery powered, treatments while travelling are made easy, anywhere and any time. Airway clearance treatments can be done while you are on the go, with no need for to be plugged into electricity or power adapters or confined to one space.

The AffloVest comes in a compact duffel travel case with rolling wheels that provides convenient portability when traveling near or far. If you are road tripping across the country or going on a camping trip with the family, the AffloVest can be easily stored in your vehicle.  If you are traveling by air, the duffel travel case is compact enough to be used as a carry-on luggage and will fit into the overhead bin of most aircrafts. Because it is classified as a medical device, most airlines will allow travelers to carry  on the AffloVest as luggage. Keep in mind, you should remove the lithium-ion battery pack from the AffloVest if you are planning on bringing it onto an aircraft. It is best to contact your airline or visit their website for clarification and travel guidelines.

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