Who is International Biophysics?

Science Inspired Innovation

International Biophysics brings to market innovative, disruptive medical devices and technologies

International Biophysics is an FDA-registered and ISO 13485 certified medical device manufacturer. We are a 26-year-old company that manufactures, and markets medical devices across the globe.

What that means, in terms of quality, for products such as the AffloVest, is that every product goes through a rigorous design and manufacturing process, inspection process, periodic audits by the FDA and other regulatory bodies to verify compliance with all the various regulations.

When we look at new technologies and applications, we really focus on what we feel are disruptive technologies and not minor incremental improvements. In the example of the AffloVest, we see a product category that doesn’t have a lot of evolution over time, and we really want to bring something that really disrupts the market and results ultimately in improving patient care for the entire population that uses these types of products.

Upcoming Events

Conferences and Seminars

International Biophysics will be attending leading industry conferences and meetings throughout the year. If you are planning on visiting any of these events, stop by our booth for more information about AffloVest Mobile Mechanical HFCWO airway clearance therapy or to see a live demo of the AffloVest

IBC Conference Schedule

 Event Date

NTM Physician and Patient Conference – Dallas, TX 5/17/2019
American Thorasic Society 2019 International Conference – Dallas TX 5/19 -5/22/2019
VGM Heartland Conference 2019- Waterloo, IA 6/10-6/12/2019
CHEST Annual Meeting 2019 – New Orleans, LA 10/19-10/23/2019
North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference 2019 – Nashville, TN 10/31-11/2/2019
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