AffloVest Patient Testimonials

Want to review some AffloVest Patient Testimonials? See what cystic fibrosis patients and bronchiectasis patients and their care providers are saying about AffloVest HFCWO airway clearance therapy! The only way others can know how it works for them is to share their experiences.  If you see a testimonial that hits home and you want to share it on your Facebook feed, please feel free to do so. Our goal is to make the treatment available to everyone that can benefit from our vest therapy. Thanks to our patients for sharing their AffloVest Patient Testimonials! You can read more reviews on Facebook.

Increased Sessions

I am using my AffloVest now and just love it.  I have tried the Hill-Rom vest and didn’t like it at all. This vest gives me so much freedom and allows me to increase my therapy sessions without loosing my freedom. I’m a very happy AffloVest patient!


Bronchiectasis Patient


“I am on my first adventure with my AffloVest as CF physiotherapy goes, I’M FREEEEE! The AffloVest is battery operated so it has no tubing and no bulky machine which I LOVE. It shakes my chest so I can cough out the mucus building up in my lungs that’s causing infection and scarring, in order to slow the progression of destruction in my lungs. I am so grateful for its portability & quietness as my daily treatments are typically lengthy, frustrating and kept me immobile. Now once my nebulizers are completed, I can be mobile and even be outdoors while completing my physio twice a day. After seeing this fabulous invention in Five Feet Apart I knew it would be a game changer! I feel so lucky to be receiving this advanced treatment!”

Mikayla B

Cystic Fibrosis Patient

Improved Cough and Congestion

“I got the AffloVest and I have to give credit to it because my cough, my congestion is about 3/4th improved, maybe a little bit more. There are times I think [the cough and congestion] have actually gone away. Now I’m up to using it half an hour [total] – 10 minutes on each mode. The fact that it’s totally portable is amazing! I walk around watering the plants, making the bed and watching television. I’m even threatening to wear it outside someday!”


Bronchiectasis Patient

A Game Changer

AffloVest has truly changed how we handle secretions/congestion, in a way that The Vest never could.   We use it in conjunction with a cough assist machine, and Peri has been pneumonia free and no hospital stays for the entire time that we have used AffloVest.   We take it on vacations, day trips, as well as use is twice a day each and every day, without missing any sessions.

Team Peri

Muscular Dystrophy Care Team

Improved PFT scores!

I got my AffloVest roughly 3 months ago. It’s going really well, my PFTs improved with this vest and I’m thankful I have it. I’ve been sticking to my treatments since it has improved my PFTs in the last 3 months.

Samantha D

Cystic Fibrosis Patient

Treatments on the go!

I use the AffloVest and love it! I tried the AffloVest at clinic and realized it worked better for me and liked it a lot. This portable vest helps me do my treatments on the go!

Allie M

Cystic Fibrosis Patient

Traveling with my AffloVest

I’ve had my AffloVest since 2015 and it’s still going strong. It’s been through traveling for college in NY (I live in Southern California), an Atlantic coast road trip, a pacific coast road trip, traveling back and forth to my boyfriends house an hour away, and countless more. My old vest with all the tubing is rarely used nowadays. The AffloVest makes it so easy to travel and work out and feel great ☺️

Carlie L

Cystic Fibrosis Patient

Life Changer for CFers

I seriously LOVE my AffloVest. It’s so easy to do breathing treatments on the go and be able to be productive around the house wearing my vest. Honestly this is a life changer to new technology for CFers. I highly recommend it!

Sarah E

Cystic Fibrosis Patient

My life jacket!

“LOVING MY NEW VEST!!!! No hoses, no electric cords.. totally mobile! Technology just keeps getting better and better.  Compliance in my life has just hit an ALL TIME HIGH!!! LOL but really tho, I’m not one to brag on myself much, but I have really been making an hell of an effort to do all of meds like I’m supposed to. On time and everything. I know it sounds so easy, like it shouldn’t be that much of a hassle…. but trust me- it’s a FULL TIME JOB! Oh, and this new vest feels just about like a life jacket. . Same weight, and actually kinda comfy  so I can pretty much wear it while doing whatever I want!”


Cystic Fibrosis Patient

A CF student’s best friend

“My daughter is in college just got an Afflovest and she loves it. A total game changer for cf patients that need to be mobile.”


Cystic Fibrosis Patient

The Best Vest

What’s not to like…it’s got everything over the competition. Fit to size, lightweight, portable, easy to use remote control, 2 hr battery life, use twice a day for half hour at a time, 3 cycle therapy. It IS the GOLD STANDARD for percussion therapy. There is nothing better!!!!

Tom B

Bronchiectasis Patient

Mucus is on the move

I just received my Afflovest and I love it. I like how it moves from different places of your lungs. I have a hill-rom vest but it only focus’s on one spot. It doesn’t move to different areas. I do find myself coughing a lot more with the Afflovest which is a good thing.  By the way its moving my mucus around should be a great thing.


Cystic Fibrosis Patient

Less constricted treatments

“It can get pretty boring sitting in the same place 3 times a day for the time being for treatments. This makes me feel less constricted and like I can live a little more. I’m so happy I got this!


Cystic Fibrosis Patient

Normal kid again

“Nathan doesn’t let doing the AffloVest stop him from having fun with his friends. In fact, our house is the local hang-out for 6 kids in the neighborhood. None of them bat an eye at his treatments.”


Cystic Fibrosis Parent

Breathing Deeper

“I am 61 years old. I have Bronchiectasis & have horrible mucus secretions. I started my treatments yesterday. I can breathe deeper & haven’t noticed more coughing. I am so happy this is portable because I can use it at work. Looking forward to breathing better.”

Clarice L

Bronchiectasis Patient

Never miss therapy

“In May my partner was diagnosed with cancer. My whole world stopped spinning for a bit. We had many trips to doctors and hospitals to get through. Thankfully he is on the road to recovery. I could not have done this without my AffloVest. I don’t like to ever miss a vest therapy, it is way to important. My awesome AffloVest made it possible for me to continue my therapy as well as help him through his cancer. At 57 with CF, my treatments are what is helping to keep me alive! I have loved this vest since the moment I tried, this just brought it to a whole new level. Thank you AffloVest for letting me help my partner during a hard time in his life. I could not have done it without you”

Rosie W

Cystic Fibrosis Patient

Improved lung scores

“AffloVest has been a real blessing for our daughter! We just went to clinic a few weeks ago and her small airway function has gone up from 92 to 124! We haven’t seen those kind of number in over 2 years!!!! Thank you AffloVest!

Melissa R

Cystic Fibrosis Parent

Lung look strong!

“When she was warming up to leap in her 10lb vest I watched her and was overwhelmed by the ease in which she moved with it. Great results!!! Once a year Ali does cat scans to see her lung change, bloodwork and more in-depth testing. We cross our fingers and breathe a little deeper on these days. Results this year are her lungs looking strong!”

Nicole M

Cystic Fibrosis Parent


“WOW! The intensity was strong but the intermittent action, I didn’t feel a restraint on my breathing. I managed 2 miles total in that 30-minute session.”

Brian S

Bronchiectasis Patient

Tool of empowerment

“I love how comfortable it is, how easy it is to pack on overnight or out of state trips, and it’s convenience. If Tiff is driving, I’ll even wear it in the car while we commute. It’s absolutely freeing and has become a tool of empowerment


Cystic Fibrosis Patient