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AffloVest Patient Testimonials

Breathing Deeper

"I am 61 years old. I have Bronchiectasis & have horrible mucus secretions. I started my treatments yesterday. I can breathe deeper & haven't noticed more coughing. I am so happy this is portable because I can use it at work. Looking forward to breathing better."

Bronchiectasis Patient

Never miss therapy

"In May my partner was diagnosed with cancer. My whole world stopped spinning for a bit. We had many trips to doctors and hospitals to get through. Thankfully he is on the road to recovery. I could not have done this without my AffloVest. I don’t like to ever miss a vest therapy, it is way to important. My awesome AffloVest made it possible for me to continue my therapy as well as help him through his cancer. At 57 with CF, my treatments are what is helping to keep me alive! I have loved this vest since the moment I tried, this just brought it to a whole new level. Thank you AffloVest for letting me help my partner during a hard time in his life. I could not have done it without you”

Cystic Fibrosis Patient

Improved lung scores

“AffloVest has been a real blessing for our daughter! We just went to clinic a few weeks ago and her small airway function has gone up from 92 to 124! We haven’t seen those kind of number in over 2 years!!!! Thank you AffloVest!

Cystic Fibrosis Parent

Lung look strong!

"When she was warming up to leap in her 10lb vest I watched her and was overwhelmed by the ease in which she moved with it. Great results!!! Once a year Ali does cat scans to see her lung change, bloodwork and more in-depth testing. We cross our fingers and breathe a little deeper on these days. Results this year are her lungs looking strong!"

Cystic Fibrosis Parent


“WOW! The intensity was strong but the intermittent action, I didn’t feel a restraint on my breathing. I managed 2 miles total in that 30-minute session.”

Bronchiectasis Patient

Tool of empowerment

“I love how comfortable it is, how easy it is to pack on overnight or out of state trips, and it’s convenience. If Tiff is driving, I’ll even wear it in the car while we commute. It’s absolutely freeing and has become a tool of empowerment

Cystic Fibrosis Patient
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